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Chat rules

  • assignment_turned_in Be kind

    Giving constructive feedback is good. Being unnecessarily mean isn’t what we do here. Make sure you take the time to evaluate which you are doing before you post.

  • assignment_turned_in Respect other humans

    We know our broadcasters are fine specimens of humanity. Complimenting them is good. Sexually objectifying, creeping on, describing violent actions toward, describing your physical reactions to, or otherwise dehumanizing them is not.

  • assignment_turned_in Include everyone

    We want this channel to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Don't do anything that might make someone feel like they don't belong. This includes but is not limited to generalizations of types of people, hate speech, or discriminatory language based on gender, religion, ethnicity, sex or socioeconomic background.

  • assignment_turned_in Listen to the moderation team

    Our mods are in place because we trust their judgement. Remember that these rules exist not only to the letter, but in spirit. If our mods feel like you have violated or circumvented even the intention of these rules, you may face disciplinary action. Follow the instructions of mods, and communicate with them with professionalism about any concerns.

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